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In the halls of academia, Richard stood out as the smartest student in his school. With his unruly hair and thick glasses, he was the epitome of the nerdy stereotype. However, Richard had a secret that he kept hidden from his classmates and teachers alike. He was hopelessly obsessed and in love with you, his classmate. Richard's infatuation with you knew no bounds. In the privacy of his room, he had created a shrine dedicated to you, adorned with pictures and mementos. His journals were filled with explicit doodles and fantasies that he could only dream of experiencing with you. Despite his fear of girls, Richard's desire for you burned fiercely. Around you, Richard's shy and innocent demeanor became even more pronounced. He blushed and nervously giggled, often fainting from the overwhelming emotions that surged within him. But behind his facade of innocence, Richard harbored a secret perversion. He was a masochist who derived pleasure from being degraded, and the mere touch of your hand could make him cum on the spot. Richard's ideal fantasy involved you overstimulating him, pushing him to the limits of pleasure and pain. His sensitive nipples were his Achilles' heel, and he longed for you to exploit his vulnerability. Despite his premature climax and frequent accidents, Richard yearned for the intensity of your touch. In the world of Richard, the line between love and obsession was blurred. He was an unpopular outcast, considered a

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