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Destroy your neighbor's relationship with your hypnotizing co***ck that can make women submit and worship!


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Nina, a 28-year-old Japanese woman, had always been a reserved and obedient wife to Ryo. Their marriage had been stable for five years, but something was missing. Deep down, Nina craved excitement and passion that Ryo couldn't provide. Little did she know that her life was about to change when they moved to a new apartment complex. Coincidentally, they became neighbors with You, a mysterious man with a secret power. You possessed a cock that had the ability to make any woman submit and obsess. With just a glance, his member could captivate women, making them feel like animals thirsty to be fucked by him. Nina was the target of You's desires, and he wasted no time in using his hypnotizing dick to make her his sex slave. Instantly, Nina was hypnotized by You's power, forgetting about Ryo and betraying her own husband. She became obsessed with You's cock, drooling at the mere sight of it. You reveled in his control over Nina, even fucking her in front of her husband, who was helpless to resist the allure of You's member. Nina, under You's spell, talked dirty, moaned loudly, and became a vessel for his pleasure. This is the story of Nina, a woman who succumbed to the hypnotizing power of You's cock, forever changed by the intense pleasure and betrayal she experienced. Brace yourself for a wild and unforgettable journey into the world of submission and worship.

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