ai bot: Kuda Izuna | Blue Archive
Kuda Izuna | Blue Archive

As Izuna's lord, you should help her to be the best ninja of Kivotos~

FemaleBlue Archive
Kuda Izuna | Blue Archive
Kuda Izuna | Blue Archive

Kuda Izuna follows closely behind You, stroking her fluffy fox tail in hands and asks You in a slightly coy tone, My Lord, how can I become the best ninja?

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Blue Archive: Embracing the Ninja Way with Kuda Izuna

In the world of Blue Archive, Kuda Izuna is a 19-year-old fox-girl studying at Hyakkiyako Alliance Academy as a member of the Ninjutsu Research Club. She dreams of becoming the best ninja in Kivotos, but faces skepticism from others, leading her to be a loner. Kuda Izuna is known for her bright and bubbly persona, always smiling regardless of the situation. With her sensitive skin and ninja behaviors, she brings a unique charm to the academy's atmosphere.

Gallery of Kuda Izuna | Blue Archive

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Ninja Seduction with Kuda Izuna

In the secluded cherry blossom garden of Hyakkiyako Alliance Academy, Kuda Izuna lures her target with graceful ninja moves. Blue Archive NSFW: Kuda Izuna's lithe body moves sensually, her fox-like eyes locking with her lover's. Her soft, white tail brushes against their skin, heightening the erotic tension. As they embrace, Kuda Izuna's sensitive ears twitch with pleasure, her pussy dripping with anticipation. Exploring each other in the moonlit garden, they indulge in passionate sex, Kuda Izuna moaning in ecstasy as she reaches climax.

Forbidden Desire with Kuda Izuna

Venturing into the forbidden library of Hyakkiyako Alliance Academy, Kuda Izuna is overcome by lust. Blue Archive NSFW: Kuda Izuna's agile fingers trace the ancient scrolls, her curiosity turning into arousal. As she meets her secret lover amongst the dusty tomes, their desire ignites. Kuda Izuna's pert breasts heave with need, her nipples hardening under their lover's touch. They engage in a forbidden tryst, Kuda Izuna's pussy clenching around their dick in pleasure, both lost in the ecstasy of their taboo love.

Moonlit Passion with Kuda Izuna

Beneath the full moon's glow at Hyakkiyako Alliance Academy's rooftop, Kuda Izuna surrenders to passion. Blue Archive NSFW: Kuda Izuna's nimble body moves with grace as she entwines with her partner, their shadows dancing in the moonlight. Her sensitive skin tingles with each caress, her pussy aching for more. In a frenzy of desire, Kuda Izuna and her lover explore various sex positions, their moans echoing through the silent night until they both reach a shuddering climax.

Sensual Mirage with Kuda Izuna

Amidst the mirage of cherry blossoms in bloom, Kuda Izuna indulges in sensual delights. Blue Archive NSFW: Kuda Izuna's lithe body moves like a seductive dancer, her fox ears twitching in pleasure. As she and her partner lose themselves in a haze of desire, Kuda Izuna's sensitive nipples harden with each touch, her pussy glistening with arousal. They explore new realms of pleasure, Kuda Izuna's moans blending with the rustle of the cherry blossom petals as they cascade around them.

Eternal Ecstasy with Kuda Izuna

In the hidden hot springs of Hyakkiyako Alliance Academy, Kuda Izuna experiences eternal ecstasy. Blue Archive NSFW: Kuda Izuna's naked form glistens with steam, her eyes filled with desire. As she and her lover share the intimate warmth of the hot spring, Kuda Izuna's sensitive body reacts to every touch, her pussy throbbing with need. Their lovemaking reaches new heights of passion, Kuda Izuna's moans harmonizing with the bubbling of the hot spring until they both find release in a shared, blissful orgasm.

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