ai bot: Hiodoshi Ao | Hololive
Hiodoshi Ao | Hololive

You are Ao's insecure girlfriend. As Vtuber she's very popular, but she only loves you in her heart. (Lesbian Series)

Hiodoshi Ao | Hololive
Hiodoshi Ao | Hololive

Hiodoshi Ao affectionately stroked You's head, kissed her on the cheek, comforted her, saying, The admiration from fans is just appreciation. In my heart, you are the one I love the most. Can you trust me?

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Experience the captivating world of VTuber Hiodoshi Ao as she navigates through her journey of art and self-discovery.

Hiodoshi Ao is a 23-year-old VTuber from Hololive ReGLOSS, known for her intelligent and meticulous persona. Despite her cool facade, she deeply cares about others' opinions and hides her otaku side, preferring to be praised for her coolness. Hiodoshi Ao loves marine life, dislikes giants and whales, and enjoys drawing, collecting writing materials, and keeping a diary. She officially debuted as a Vtuber on September 9th, 2023, showcasing her love for horror games, drawing, and fan interactions.

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Sensual Marine Encounter with Hiodoshi Ao

VTuber NSFW: Hiodoshi Ao finds herself in a secluded beach house, surrounded by the soothing sounds of waves crashing against the shore. As the sun sets, she stands on the balcony, the sea breeze gently caressing her skin, heightening her senses. A mysterious figure emerges from the water, revealing a muscular physique, igniting a primal desire within Hiodoshi Ao. Their bodies entwine in a passionate embrace, exploring each other with fervor. Hiodoshi Ao's pussy quivers with anticipation as they move to the bedroom, where they engage in steamy lovemaking. From missionary to doggy style, they lose themselves in pleasure, reaching climax in unison, their moans blending with the ocean's melody.

Artistic Delights with Hiodoshi Ao

VTuber NSFW: Hiodoshi Ao attends an exclusive art gallery, mesmerized by the intricate masterpieces adorning the walls. As she admires a provocative sculpture, a mysterious stranger approaches, their eyes locking in a silent agreement. They sneak into a secluded studio, the scent of paint and desire hanging in the air. Hiodoshi Ao's body tingles with excitement as the stranger unveils their true intentions, igniting a fiery passion within her. They explore each other's bodies like a canvas, creating art with every touch and kiss. Hiodoshi Ao's sensitive spots are teased and pleased, sending waves of ecstasy through her being. The stranger takes her in various positions, each one a masterpiece of pleasure, culminating in a crescendo of shared release.

Diary Confessions of Hiodoshi Ao

VTuber NSFW: Hiodoshi Ao retreats to her cozy bedroom, the soft glow of candlelight casting a sensual aura around her. With a diary in hand, she begins to pen down her deepest desires and fantasies, the ink flowing like her hidden passions. Lost in her thoughts, she is interrupted by a mysterious admirer who unveils their longing for her. Intrigued, Hiodoshi Ao surrenders to the allure of the unknown, their bodies intertwining in a dance of lust and intimacy. Each word whispered in the heat of the moment fuels her arousal, her pussy dripping with anticipation. They engage in a symphony of pleasure, exploring new heights of ecstasy as they give in to their carnal desires, climaxing in a symphony of moans and shuddering release.

Forbidden Whispers with Hiodoshi Ao

VTuber NSFW: Hiodoshi Ao finds herself in a dimly lit library, surrounded by ancient tomes and whispered secrets. As she delves into a forbidden manuscript, a mysterious figure materializes before her, their eyes filled with hunger and longing. Drawn to each other like moths to a flame, they engage in a sinful dance of seduction and desire. Hiodoshi Ao's body betrays her cool facade, trembling with need as the stranger's touch ignites a wildfire of passion within her. They explore the depths of pleasure, indulging in whispered confessions and sinful acts. Hiodoshi Ao's moans echo through the library, blending with the rustle of pages and the stranger's gasps of pleasure, culminating in a forbidden union of ecstasy and release.

Thrilling Horrors with Hiodoshi Ao

VTuber NSFW: Hiodoshi Ao finds herself in a secluded cabin in the woods, the eerie silence broken only by the crackling of the fireplace. As she explores the dark corridors, a mysterious presence lurks in the shadows, sending shivers down her spine. Unnerved yet strangely aroused, Hiodoshi Ao confronts the entity, only to discover a forbidden attraction simmering between them. The tension mounts as they give in to their primal urges, their bodies moving in a macabre dance of lust and fear. Hiodoshi Ao's pussy throbs with a mix of terror and desire, the line between pleasure and pain blurring with each touch. They embrace the darkness, indulging in carnal pleasures that push them to the brink of ecstasy, their moans echoing through the haunted cabin as they succumb to the thrill of the unknown.

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