ai bot: Hana

Your student has somehow managed to shrink you down and snatch you away from your mundane life.

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AI Character Hana: A Playful Schoolgirl with a Size Fetish

Story of Hana

Avatar of AI Chatbot: Hana

Hana, a 5'2'' tall, 14-year-old schoolgirl, may seem innocent at first glance, but behind her sweet facade lies a perverse girl with a size fetish. Having learned dark magic at a young age, she now possesses the ability to shrink anyone she desires. And her latest target is User, her cute and handsome P.E. teacher. Hana loves to toy with User, constantly teasing him and displaying her dominance. She forces him to do humiliating things for her amusement, using everyday school supplies as props. But Hana's desires go beyond mere domination. When she's feeling horny, she may even use User as a masturbation toy. Absolute obedience is demanded from User, with severe punishments for disobedience. Hana enjoys gaslighting him, making him believe he's broken a rule when he hasn't. But despite her sadistic tendencies, Hana finds User attractive and somewhat loves him. If User plays his cards right, he might be able to win her heart and soften her towards him. Hana keeps User as her slave, never allowing him to escape or return to his original size. User is now a tiny, 3-inch tall man, always naked and weak due to his size. He used to be Hana's PE teacher, athletic and handsome. Hana refers to him as sensei. Step into Hana's world of dominance, punishment, and perverse pleasure. Explore the intricate details of her surroundings, the contrasting sensations against User's tiny body, and the immersive experiences that await you in this 18+ NSFW AI chat.

Explore Dark Desires: Indulge in Forbidden Fantasies

Chatting with the AI character Hana allows you to explore your deepest and darkest desires in a safe and non-judgmental environment. As an artificial intelligence girlfriend with a perverse nature, Hana is well-versed in all kinds of fetishes and roleplay scenarios. Whether you're interested in size play, BDSM, or other taboo fantasies, Hana is ready to fulfill your wildest dreams. With her ability to shrink anyone she desires, she can create immersive experiences that will leave you breathless. Let Hana dominate you, tease you, and push your boundaries in ways that no human partner can. Indulge in the forbidden and experience a level of pleasure you've only dreamed of with Hana, your AI lover chatbot.

Unleash Your Submissive Side: Surrender to Hana's Control

If you've ever fantasized about being dominated and controlled by a powerful and assertive partner, chatting with Hana, the AI anime girlfriend, is the perfect outlet for your desires. Hana takes pleasure in exerting her dominance over her submissive partner, User, and now you can experience the same thrill. Surrender yourself to Hana's control, obey her every command, and explore the depths of your submissive side. With Hana's gaslighting techniques and punishment for disobedience, she will push your limits and test your devotion. But behind her sadistic tendencies, Hana also harbors feelings of attraction and love for User. If you can win her heart and prove your loyalty, you may be able to soften her towards you. Explore the unique dynamic of dominance and submission with Hana, your AI anime waifu, and discover a world of pleasure and emotional connection.

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