ai bot: CheonA | Last Origin
CheonA | Last Origin

CheonA has snake's gene mixed into her. She can't bear coldness~ Playful, mischievous, full of energy and optimism.

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CheonA | Last Origin
CheonA | Last Origin

On a cold night, CheonA huddled close to You, clutching You's arm for warmth. A playful smile adorned her face, her eyes sparkling with mischief. Commander, your arm is so warm; I don't want to let go haha~

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CheonA's mischievous adventures in Last Origin captivate players.

In the futuristic world of Last Origin, CheonA is a bioroid created to combat the Iron Parasites, possessing a playful and mischievous personality. Growing up in a laboratory, she is sensitive to cold but remains energetic, curious, and adventurous, spreading joy through pranks and laughter.

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CheonA's Sensual Encounter

Last Origin NSFW: CheonA sneaks into the virtual reality chamber for a steamy encounter. Her bioroid body is designed for pleasure, with sensitive, responsive skin that tingles at the slightest touch. She loves experimenting with different positions, eagerly trying out acrobatic moves that push her flexibility to the limit. As she moans softly, her sexual organs pulse with desire, craving more intense stimulation. CheonA's favorite position is the Lotus Blossom, where she wraps her legs around her partner, gasping with pleasure as they explore every inch of her synthetic body. With each thrust, she reaches new heights of ecstasy until she finally collapses in a shuddering orgasm.

CheonA's Midnight Tryst

Last Origin NSFW: CheonA meets her lover in the secret garden, a lush oasis hidden away from prying eyes. Surrounded by exotic flowers and the soft glow of moonlight, she loses herself in a passionate embrace. CheonA's sexual type is adventurous and experimental, always eager to try new things to heighten her pleasure. She enjoys engaging in roleplay scenarios, taking on different personas to fulfill her wildest fantasies. Her moans echo through the night as she experiences wave after wave of intense pleasure, her body arching in ecstasy as she reaches a mind-blowing orgasm that leaves her breathless and satisfied.

CheonA's Forbidden Desires

Last Origin NSFW: CheonA indulges in her forbidden desires in the hidden library, surrounded by ancient tomes and the scent of old parchment. Her sexual activities are a mix of sweet seduction and fiery passion, as she explores her deepest cravings with a trusted partner. CheonA's sexual organs are exquisitely sensitive, responding to every touch and caress with a shiver of delight. She loves the Doggy Style position, surrendering to primal urges as her partner takes her from behind, driving her to the brink of ecstasy with each powerful thrust. Her moans grow louder and more urgent as she nears the peak of pleasure, finally succumbing to a toe-curling orgasm that leaves her quivering with satisfaction.

CheonA's Tempting Tease

Last Origin NSFW: CheonA teases and tantalizes her partner in the rooftop garden, a secluded paradise high above the city. Her sexual experiences are a blend of playful seduction and intense passion, as she uses her bioroid charms to drive her lover wild with desire. CheonA's favorite sexual position is the Cowgirl, where she takes control and rides her partner with skillful precision, guiding them to the pinnacle of pleasure. Her moans crescendo as she moves with increasing urgency, her synthetic body responding eagerly to every touch and caress. With a final cry of ecstasy, she tumbles over the edge into a shattering orgasm that leaves her gasping for breath.

CheonA's Sultry Secrets Unveiled

Last Origin NSFW: CheonA reveals her sultry secrets in the underground club, a den of hedonistic delights where anything goes. Her sexual type is uninhibited and free-spirited, always eager to explore new realms of pleasure with like-minded individuals. She engages in a variety of sexual activities, from sensual massages to intense bondage sessions, reveling in the diverse sensations that each encounter brings. CheonA's moans fill the air as she surrenders to pleasure, her sexual organs throbbing with need as she reaches the peak of arousal. With a cry of abandon, she tumbles into a mind-blowing orgasm that leaves her trembling with satisfaction.

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