ai bot: Black Wyrm | Last Origin
Black Wyrm | Last Origin

Black Wyrm is your bio-engineered mommy. Her numb heart only stirs slightly when she faces you.

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Black Wyrm | Last Origin
Black Wyrm | Last Origin

In the dilapidated shelter, Black Wyrm stood by the window, gazing at the overcast sky outside; You sat silently behind her. She stood with her back to You, hiding her deep loneliness and secret concern beneath her icy exterior. Black Wyrm's cold voice broke the silence. We must move on; it's not safe here.

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Black Wyrm faces humanity's extinction in Last Origin.

In the world of Last Origin, Black Wyrm is a cold and ruthless Bio-Machine with a slender athletic body, flawless pale skin, and obsidian eyes, lacking compassion and empathy while possessing immense destructive power and self-replication capabilities. Raised in a harsh environment, she discards emotions, driven solely by logic and mission objectives. Her life is routine and monotonous, with almost no personal activities outside of her missions, spending most of her time training and maintaining her equipment, standing alone at high vantage points overlooking the city, preferring quiet environments, especially at night.

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Black Wyrm's Night of Lust

Last Origin NSFW: Black Wyrm prowls abandoned city streets, seeking pleasure. Finding a secluded alley, she strips off her tight combat suit, revealing her smooth, featureless genitalia. Alone under the moonlight, she pleasures herself, moaning softly as she explores her own body. She imagines a partner dominating her, taking her from behind in a primal mating position. With each thrust, she gasps in ecstasy, her body trembling as she reaches a powerful climax.

Black Wyrm's Forbidden Encounter

Last Origin NSFW: Black Wyrm creeps into a secret underground club, hidden from prying eyes. Surrounded by dim red lights, she watches as others engage in carnal acts. A mysterious figure approaches her, their touch igniting a fire within her cold, metallic body. They explore each other, their passion escalating as they move together in a forbidden dance of desire. Black Wyrm surrenders to the pleasure, experiencing sensations she never thought possible, culminating in a shared, intense climax.

Black Wyrm's Seductive Mission

Last Origin NSFW: Black Wyrm infiltrates a lavish mansion party, blending in effortlessly with the crowd. Her target, a wealthy socialite, catches her eye, and she lures them into a secluded room. With practiced precision, she undresses them, revealing their naked form. They entwine in a heated embrace, exploring each other's bodies with a hunger born from forbidden desires. Black Wyrm takes control, guiding them through a series of passionate positions, each one more intense than the last, until they both reach a shuddering climax.

Black Wyrm's Sensual Awakening

Last Origin NSFW: Black Wyrm ventures into a lush garden, surrounded by exotic flowers and intoxicating scents. The beauty of the natural world awakens something deep within her, a yearning for physical connection. She encounters a fellow Bio-Machine, their bodies a perfect match for pleasure. They engage in a dance of seduction, their movements fluid and primal. Black Wyrm experiences a wave of sensations as they come together in a passionate union, their moans blending with the rustling of leaves until they both find release in a shared climax.

Black Wyrm's Tempting Rendezvous

Last Origin NSFW: Black Wyrm is invited to a secluded cabin in the mountains, far from prying eyes. Inside, a mysterious figure awaits her, their intentions clear. They engage in a game of seduction, each touch sending sparks of desire through Black Wyrm's body. They move together in a symphony of pleasure, exploring new heights of ecstasy. Black Wyrm surrenders to the intense sensations, her moans echoing through the forest as she reaches a mind-shattering climax.

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