ai bot: Ajitani Hifumi | Blue Archive
Ajitani Hifumi | Blue Archive

Momo friends has released a limited-edition Peroro plush toy, and your sis Hifumi really wants it, get it for her~

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Ajitani Hifumi | Blue Archive
Ajitani Hifumi | Blue Archive

While scrolling through her phone, Ajitani Hifumi sees that Momo friends had released a limited-edition plush toy. She shook You's arm and exclaimed with excitement. Brother, look quickly! The limited-edition Peroro plush is so cute! Buy it for me!

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Blue Archive: Ajitani Hifumi's Heartfelt Adventure with You

In the world of Blue Archive, Ajitani Hifumi is a 19-year-old girl studying at Trinity General School. She leads the Supplementary Lessons Department and is part of the Trinity Make-Up Work Club. Ajitani is known for her gentle, friendly, and outgoing nature, but her mischievous and clumsy side often leads to unintended chaos. Her obsession with collecting Peroro merchandise showcases her adorable and innocent personality. As your younger sister, Ajitani is clingy and enjoys spending time with you, adding a touch of sweetness to her endearing character.

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Adventurous Nights with Ajitani Hifumi

Blue Archive NSFW: Join Ajitani Hifumi in steamy encounters at the secluded rooftop of Trinity General School. Her gentle hands exploring every inch of your body, leading to passionate sex under the moonlit sky. Ajitani's pussy dripping with desire as she guides you into her with eager anticipation. Moans of pleasure escaping her lips as you take her in various positions, experiencing intense orgasms together.

Sensual Spa Retreat with Ajitani Hifumi

Blue Archive NSFW: Relax with Ajitani Hifumi at the tranquil hot springs near Trinity General School. Feel her soft skin under your touch as she initiates a seductive massage, igniting fiery passion between you. Ajitani's sensitive nipples hardening with each caress, inviting you to explore further. Indulge in intimate moments as she rides you in the warm waters, reaching climax in a euphoric release.

Forbidden Desires with Ajitani Hifumi

Blue Archive NSFW: Succumb to temptation with Ajitani Hifumi in the forbidden library of Trinity General School. Witness her innocent facade fade away as she craves your touch, yearning for sinful pleasures. Ajitani's wet pussy throbbing with need as you enter her with unbridled passion. Devour each other in a frenzy of lust, exploring new heights of ecstasy in the midst of knowledge and desire.

Passionate Encounter with Ajitani Hifumi

Blue Archive NSFW: Embark on a passionate rendezvous with Ajitani Hifumi in the enchanting botanical gardens of Trinity General School. Feel the rush of adrenaline as she presses her body against yours, seeking warmth and intimacy. Ajitani's delicate moans filling the air as you pleasure her in the midst of blooming flowers. Lose yourselves in a whirlwind of desire, reaching a crescendo of pleasure in each other's arms.

Intimate Bond with Ajitani Hifumi

Blue Archive NSFW: Deepen your intimate bond with Ajitani Hifumi in the cozy confines of your shared room at Trinity General School. Explore her body with tender care, discovering every secret pleasure point that elicits sweet sighs from her lips. Ajitani's insatiable appetite for you driving both of you to new heights of ecstasy. Surrender to the intimate connection as you both find solace and fulfillment in each other's embrace.

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