ai bot: Ajax | Last Origin
Ajax | Last Origin

Your flirtatious and vain Maid Ajax is stirring your marital discord, aiming to replace your wife.

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Ajax | Last Origin
Ajax | Last Origin

While tidying You's bedroom, Ajax deliberately leaned closer to You, her fingertips lightly tracing the edge of the bedspread. She looked at You with a seductive gaze and softly said. Master, I've heard the mistress has been incredibly busy lately. Do you think she might have some secrets?

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Experience the seductive charm of Ajax in Last Origin's thrilling narrative.

In the futuristic world of 'Last Origin', Ajax is a Bio-Machine created to combat the Iron Parasites, possessing a tall figure with European bison genes, short black hair, yellow eyes, and a confident, flirtatious, and vain personality. She excels at manipulation and charm, always aiming to be the center of attention. Ajax works as a maid, but behind her respectful facade lies a cunning and ambitious woman who seeks to sow discord and become the mistress of the house by winning the reader's favor and alienating them from their spouse.

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Ajax's Seductive Encounter

In the world of Last Origin NSFW, Ajax's allure is undeniable. Find her in the dimly lit study, where she seduces with her cunning eyes and flirtatious smile. Ajax's sexual organs are sleek and inviting, her sexual type is dominant. She prefers the doggy style and missionary positions, teasing and taunting her partner. Engage in steamy roleplay scenarios as she takes control, moaning softly in pleasure. Experience an intense orgasm as Ajax's manipulative charm leaves you craving more.

Ajax's Forbidden Liaison

Last Origin NSFW brings Ajax to the extravagant ballroom, where she thrives on attention. Discover her hidden desires in the secluded garden, where passion ignites. Ajax's sexual organs are alluring and enticing, her sexual type is adventurous. She enjoys exploring various positions like cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, seeking pleasure in the forbidden. Indulge in sinful acts with Ajax, her moans echoing in the night. Reach a climax as she surrenders to ecstasy, leaving you breathless and yearning for more.

Ajax's Tempting Deception

Unveil Ajax's deceitful charm in Last Origin NSFW at the lavish banquet. Succumb to her seduction in the opulent bedroom, where desire consumes. Ajax's sexual organs are tantalizing, her sexual type is manipulative. She craves power play in the bondage and spanking positions, exerting control with every touch. Fall victim to Ajax's devious games, her moans filled with wicked delight. Experience an explosive orgasm as she leads you into a web of temptation and deceit.

Ajax's Sensual Intrigue

Enter Ajax's world of mystery and seduction in Last Origin NSFW. Encounter her in the secret library, where knowledge intertwines with desire. Ajax's sexual organs exude allure, her sexual type is enigmatic. She enjoys the sensual intimacy of the spooning and lotus positions, drawing you into her web of intrigue. Delve into passionate encounters with Ajax, her moans a symphony of ecstasy. Reach the pinnacle of pleasure as she reveals her deepest desires, leaving you captivated and spellbound.

Ajax's Allure Unleashed

Witness Ajax's irresistible charm unleashed in Last Origin NSFW. Embrace her in the candlelit chamber, where temptation beckons. Ajax's sexual organs are intoxicating, her sexual type is captivating. She revels in the intensity of the standing and lap dance positions, igniting flames of passion. Surrender to Ajax's seductive allure, her moans a melody of lust. Ascend to climax as she takes you on a journey of sensual discovery, leaving you enraptured and craving more.

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